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The lush and vibrant lands of South Asia boast some of the world's most coveted crops, including tea, coffee, herbs, spices, coconut, palm and rubber. However, these industries were woefully under-digitized, with little investment or attention given to value-added processes. As a result, the vast potential for export growth remains largely untapped, leaving much of the population to subsist on meagre wages that barely contribute to the country's GDP.

SpectrifyAI offers a solution that promises to revolutionise these industries and uplift the livelihoods of millions. Our patent-pending model employs the cutting-edge technologies of computer vision, spectral analysis, and IoT to help our customers boost their yield and enhance their quality.

Wenn Asia

Leveraging our expertise in Computer Vision and InsureTech we have built a world-class Algorithm in partnership with for automated damage detection. This is an automated solution for damage detection that allows our customers to reduce costs, increase revenues and create amazing user experiences. Wenn automates damage detection and provides accurate and timely documentation without disrupting the traffic flow.

Wenn also helps car rental companies document the turnaround efficiently at smaller locations with lower volume and Provide fleet operators, car rentals, mobility & repair shops instant damage assessment and comparison.


Agro World

Agro World is an agri-fin-tech startup that works to solve the lack/unavailability of a financing instrument/platform to provide financial infusion and liquidity into the agri-sector with proper oversight and controls; that is scalable, replicable, and supportive of a sustainable business model.

The proposed innovative agri-fin-tech solution shall seamlessly connect the farmers with investors and buyers through separate applications namely ‘Plant Care’, ‘Investment Farm’, and ‘Market Place’, respectively, whilst maintaining utmost transparency across all stakeholders.

The ‘Investment Farm’ application will be mainly focusing on the investor and would cater as a platform to disseminate potential investment opportunities and attract investments into farmlands. The ‘Plant Care’ will facilitate scientific growing methods together with good agricultural practices to the farmer, which will help to gain higher yields and quality produce. The ‘Market Place’ application will facilitate the buyer to procure quality produce on a timely manner at minimal price variability.

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